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Refer your fellow student and help them become a part of the catalyst for change in South Africa’s consumer market. ConsultaPanel is South Africa’s leading online consumer panel and conducts regular research on various topics.

Simply add your name, email and their email addresses in the box for them to receive an automated invitation.

Should you experience any technical problem or just want to chat to us about the “Think Tank”, pop us an email!

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T: +27 12 665 6200
F: +27 12 665 6499
E: frontdesk@consultapanel.co.za
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How to send a referral?

Having trouble adding your referrals to the referral box? Follow these easy steps to export them from your Outlook email address mailbox.

If you use a different e-mail programme these steps may not apply. You are welcome to give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you, calling in the help of our IT guru’s if necessary.

Step 1:
Click on file, select options, select advanced and export.
Step 2:
Click on Export to file, select MS Excel
Step 3:
Scroll to the folder where your contacts are saved. (It depends from person to person where it is saved) Select the folder
Step 4:
Click next, click browse, select the file to be saved to your desktop, click ok, click next
Step 5:
Click “Map custom fields”. Select name and email address, click ok. Click finish
Step 6:
Go to the saved file on your desktop. Open file desktop and copy the exported email addresses
Step 7:
Paste addresses in the “To” box on the “Think Tank” site
Step 8:
Send referrals!

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